Setting up your first WolfBot strategies


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  • A running WolfBot instance open in your web browser

Getting started:

After you opened your personal WolfBot instance in your web browser, the first thing you want to do is to customize to your trading needs.

All your trading is determined by WolfBot's strategies - which can use various data as input such as:
As a newcomer to WolfBot we recommend you test some simple configurations with a small set of strategies consisting of:
  • a technical strategy as the main trading strategy
  • an execution strategy running on a small candle size (5-10min) that receives BUY/SELL events from the main strategy and executes trades at the right moment. RSI strategies are are good choice for this. Take a look at RSIScalpOrderer or RSIOrderer
  • a stop-loss strategy as a safety net
  • a take-profit strategy to exit the market early
Only the main trading strategy is required. Everything else is optional.

Examples with such starting configurations can be found in the following configuration files:
  • MACD
  • DEMA
  • STC
  • OBV
  • WaveSurfer
After you have chosen your strategy configuration (just a container to save and edit your set of strategies), got to the "Trading" tab. There you can customize:
  • the currency pair you want to trade on
  • the exchange those strategies shall run on (for live trading and for simulation data during Backtesting)
  • all parameters of your strategies such as candles, percentages,...
Each parameter has explanations along with with.
We recommend that you try out different configurations and use them on the Backtesting page. After you are satisfied with the results, enter API keys for the exchange you want to trade on.
Now restart your bot and view WolfBot's decision-making and trading live on the "Strategy" page.

You can only do 1 Backtest at a time. However, during live trading you can trade as many currency pairs and exchanges as you wish. Just copy whole sets of strategies in the "Trading" tab and customize them to your needs.
You can run backtests and do live trading simultaneously.

Note for error handling:
You can click on the blue arrow in the lower right corner of the page to open the log of the bot. This will give you detailed information about what is going on - for live trading and backtesting.

Note for advanced traders:
Advanced traders will realize a major strength of WolfBot is the ability for strategies to send each other buy and sell events while running on the same currency pair with different candle sizes:
This way your strategies can look at daily candles to identify bigger trends and then “zoom in” to lower intervals (1h, 5min,…) to trade.
For example: Trendline strategy says BUY on 12h candles -> forward signal to MACD strategy on 1h candles to look for a buy momentum -> forward signal to RSI strategy on 10min candles to look for RSI oversold -> forward & execute the BUY trade
You can find advanced examples of this use in the "guides" section of this forum.
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