priceTolerancePercent: Limit orders that get the best available price (similar to market orders)


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Every strategy in WolfBot can have a configuration option called priceTolerancePercent.
As explained on the Configuration page:
The max percent higher/lower the limit price shall be compared to the last trade price. This gives you the advantage of a market order - getting your order filled immediately the best available price - with the safety of a maximum price in case the orderbook is very thin.
"Ichimoku": {
    "conversionPeriod": 9,
    "basePeriod": 26,
    "spanPeriod": 52,
    "displacement": 26,
    "priceTolerancePercent": 0.5,
    "pair": "USD_BTC",
    "candleSize": 60,
    "tradeStrategy": "RSIScalpOrderer",
    "enableLog": true
  • sometimes you want to get your order filled immediately in highly volatile fast-moving markets
  • some exchanges offer the same fees for maker and taker, so there is no advantage in using limit orders to save fees. This also applies to Binance on the lowest volume-tier (as of January 2019).