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Yes a lot of it is not yet released. Even though it is easier than I first thought too. Especially since all those sites have public APIs (except Telegram).
This is actually an area where I hope to get improvements through the cloud bot version. Obviously there is lot's of fake news, biased articles, FUD, pump & dump,.... The bot's sentiment analysis detects them correctly as positive/negative, which unfortunately is wrong in those cases.
Currently my methods against that are:
  • setting only "trusted" news sources in config
  • always verifying with the chart - don't trade just on news if the price doesn't move in the same direction
It would be great to get to add another layer of verification such as:
  • let registered traders vote the credibility of news articles. On public sites you have too many fake/troll votes. It will be different when people trade with their own money based on this.
  • create a dynamic score of news sites, twitter accounts, etc... based on those votes and use that score for new articles
Plus cross-referencing of news would be really nice. Currently every article is analyzed on it's own and then added to the total stats of that coin. With more developers maybe we can create an algorithm to actually check references of articles and group articles talking about the same event together in the database, detect differences....

Obviously such cloud features will have free API calls for all participating developers running the github version;)