Earn 200$ for adding an exchange


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We are offering 200$ to every user who is adding a new exchange to WolfBot. Payout will happen in the cryptocurrency of your choice (top10 by market cap available only).

Steps to claim 200$:
  1. Issue a WolfBot pull request on GitHub with the code of the exchange you added. The code should be in the /src/Exchanges folder in a single file named YourExchange.ts
  2. Post your solution here. Your solution must contain API calls for buying/selling/.... and live trades & orderbook data using WebSockets (where available)
  3. Your solution will run 1 week in debug mode on our servers. Be available to fix any possible bugs during that time.
  4. After 1 week and all bugs fixed you will receive 200$.
Coding tips to get started:

  • you can find all exchanges in the /src/Exchanges folder of WolfBot - some of them are not yet implemented, so take a look at the source file
  • it's easier to base your solution on a fork of an existing exchange with similar features. This means:
    • adding a simple exchange (no margin trading, no lending): fork the Binance.ts file. This is the easiest task!
    • adding an exchange that supports margin trading and/or lending: fork the Bitfinex.ts file
    • adding a futures exchange: for the BitMEX.ts file
  • If there are up-to-date NPM packages for the exchange API available you can of course use them
  • in the /tests folder of WolfBot there are files to be used as entry points for debugging and development. Take a look at the trade.ts file and modify it or create your own file similar to it.
    You can implement your exchange API calls step-by-step and call the just added buy/sell/.... function from that file.
    To start WolfBot with code from your file, you must run:
    node app.js --debug -t=trade --noUpdate --noBrowser
    while -t=trade instructs WolfBot to run the trade.ts file
Suggested exchanges to add:

  • deribit.com
  • pro.coinbase.com
  • bitstamp.net
  • hitbtc.com
  • upbit.com
  • your favorite exchange! Any exchange with a daily trading volume of at least 5 million USD will be considered a valid submission (that is not already supported by WolfBot obviously. In case multiple users submit the same exchange, the user posting his solution in this thread first will get the reward. You may post here to announce you are working on an implementation to claim the reward once your working solution is ready.).
If you have further questions on how to get started don't hesitate to ask.
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