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The strategies included in WolfBot

Strategy developers receive 85% of the earnings on the that have been sold in our strategy store. Payouts happen once every month between the 1st and 5th and include all payments up to the last day of the previous months (inclusive). The minimum payout threshold is 50$. In case you don't reach that threshold your total balance will be available for withdrawal the 1st month during which you reach the threshold.

To be approved in our strategy store on your strategy must contain:
  • a strategy file MyStrategy.ts with your code
  • a corresponding MyStrategy.json config file with an example configuration of how to use your strategy
  • a localization text (in English) to explain all strategy parameters in JSON format. Open /public/locales/en.js and look for stratDesc to see existing descriptions.
  • at least 1 backtest.html file showing the profitability of your strategy. Every statement about the profitability of your strategy must contain a corresponding backtest.html file to support it.
  • a price in USD for 1 month and 3 months for a user to use your strategy.
  • a description for the store that tells users what your strategy is doing
To be approved in our strategy store your strategy most not do/contain any of the following:
  • collect any person data from users such as API keys, IP addresses, email addresses, etc...
  • mislead users in any way such as "guaranteed profits" (except lending strategies)
  • copy & paste code without any original thought and development
  • bypass our strategy store by asking users for additional payments on other websites. It is accepted if your strategy uses other paid resources that are not provided by you and/or have been available prior to the development of your strategy.
  • endorse users to subscribe to any of your social media channels such as telegram groups (Github links are accepted)

The strategy store is available for all 3 trading modes of WolfBot: Trading, Arbitrage and Lending
After approval your strategy will be available in our strategy store and automatically be added to all WolfBot cloud instances of users who bought your strategy. We will not post your strategy in our Github repository (or anywhere else). If you wish to disclose the source code of your strategy you can do so by providing a link to your own Github repository or submit a pull request in the WolfBot repository.

Suggested example prices for strategies:
  • 20$ for 1 month
  • 50$ for 3 months
Subscriptions that automatically renew are not available for strategies. Users who like your strategy must manually buy it again for another time period. This is to encourage development, updates and improvements for all strategy developers.

We reserve the right to change our strategy affiliate program policy at any time. Changes will be announced in this thread. By participating in our affiliate program after a change has been announced you implicitly confirm your acceptance. Furthermore we will exclude any developer from our store and withhold payouts if he violates any of the terms stated above.
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