Amino Acid Plant Fertilizer
Beacon amino acid plant fertilizer is obtained from natural soybean and is water soluble. It has a minimum of 16% plant available nitrogen suitable for correcting plant nitrogen deficiencies. This high grade amino acid is extracted through a specialized process with the intention of retaining as many amino acids and nutrients as possible making it ideal for organic agriculture and serving as a non-pollution fertilizer.

Guaranteed Analysis

1)Promote uptake of macro and micro nutrients.
2)Promote enzymatic activity by acting as natural stimulant.
3)Stimulate protein synthesis.
4)Improve the efficiency of the pesticides and fungicides with synergism.
5)Help in better crop.

Recommended Application
Foliar: 1-3 Kg/Ha. Adjust rate to suit growth stage.
Fertigation: 5-10 Kg/Ha.

Packing Of Amino Acid Plant Fertilizer:
It is available in following pack:

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